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Perch Fee Special!!!

Accepting 6 birds for $400.00


10 birds for $600.00

Guarantee your spot for 2019!!!

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Projected Race Payouts

(based on 400 birds going to the first race)


Champion Bird, based on average speed from the 150, 200, 260 and 320 mile races,

Race Payouts:

1st 25,000

2nd 12,500

3rd 8,000

4th 6,000

260 mile race:

1st 6,000

2nd 4,000

3rd 3,000

4th 2,000

5th 500

6th-10th 500


320 mile race:

1st 15,000

2nd 10,000

3rd 8,000

4th 4,000

5th 3,000

6th-10th 1,000

Four Race Series

150 Miles Average Speed

200 Miles Average Speed

260 Miles Top 10 Birds

320 Miles Top 10 Birds

Over 115,000 Its. Awarded

25,000 Points Awarded to 1st Place Champion Bird

Perch Fees Due With Birds

No Exceptions

Standard Entry Fee is $300.00 Per Bird, Which Must Be Declared On Arrival.

All Birds Remain Property of The Breeder.

Loft Limit Is 1,000 Birds


Loft Managers and Handler Information

Thank you for your interest in the “Garlic City One Loft Race”.  The Loft Manager and Handlers are Toby Valdivia and Christian Valdivia.
Toby has been breeding pigeons for all his life and has had a very successful racing career. Toby flies with the very competitive Bay Cities Combine and has multiple combine and club wins under his belt. Over his racing career he has also breed many Average Speed winners and has developed a race team that excels at all distances. He has also had excellent results sending his birds out to other one loft races and has won at that level as well.
With years of combined experience handling pigeons you can be assured that this will be a competitive race, so send your best and we look forward to having you.



1. Must be at least 18 years old to enter

2. Perch fees due with pigeons. No exceptions

3. Perch fee options are as follows: $100.00 Per Bird or 6 for $500.00

4. No Limit on birds entered

5. Accepting birds from MAY 1st to SEPTEMBER 30th. Replacements till October 30th

6. Race entry fee is $300.00 per bird.

7. Entry fees are due 10 calendar days after the 100 mile training toss.

8. If your entry fee is paid and bird does not make it to the 1st race, your entry will be refunded

9. Birds whose entry fee is not paid for on time will become property of GCOLR

10. There will be 4 races from the east. 150, 200, 260 and 320 miles

11. On race #4 all capital prizes will be paid on first drop and then by clocking order

12. All ninth and tenth flights will be pulled and grown in prior to road training

13. Loft manager reserves the right to refuse entries

14. Loft manager reserves the right to make all final decisions

15. Birds remain the property of the breeder. No buybacks. No auctions

16. Average speed paid by clocking. Computed on Total Distance/Total Time

17. 15% will be held for expenses, Beginning 2020 only 10% will be held for expenses.

18. Time out of darkness-30 minutes after sunset till 30 minutes before sunrise

19. Race distance subject to change

20. A completed W-9 form will be required for all winnings of $600 or more

21. All birds to be banded with seamless AU, IF or CU bands

22. Birds not claimed within two weekends or that arrive after two weeks of last race will become property of GCOLF

23. Birds will be returned at the rate of $60.00 for the first bird and $15 each additional bird. Birds will be returned priority express mail.

24. All birds will be vaccinated for PMV and POX

25. Loft visits are by appointment only and you may only view inside the loft. No handling of any birds!

26. Loft Limit is 1,000 birds max